Equity Committee

Mission Statement

The Deer Park Elementary School Equity Committee is dedicated to supporting and serving our community of students, staff, and families to be a safe, inclusive, trusting, positive, and equitable environment that embraces our diversity.  Our goal is to empower students to be their authentic selves through communication, collaboration, and the celebration of their unique backgrounds and experiences. We value building relationships, multiple perspectives, and ongoing learning in order to grow stronger as a community.

Who We Are

Deer Park Elementary school Equity Committee is made up of staff and parents that are committed to culturally responsive practices that will benefit and empower our diverse student population. 


Initiatives for the 2023-2024 School Year

  • Strengthening equitable rigorous instructional practices
  • Honor Monthly Observances through the news, morning meeting and classroom activities
  • Consider data from student interviews to enhance instruction and build relationships
  • Using various tools to communicate with families (Talking Points, News You Choose, social media, translation services, grade-level newsletters, Thursday folders, conferences, school-wide interims and progress reports)
  • Veterans Assembly and Recognition Wall
  • Free book drive to coincide with book fair
  • Celebrate Deer Park Week
  • Bucky’s Bash- Free Fall Family BBQ
  • Family interactive math and reading nights 


Resources for Teachers, Students, and Families



Learning for Justice

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